Jumaat, 12 Jun 2009

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim, 'monomic' is here

Praise to the Almighty God

He who create us
and make it happen that i'm starting to blogging (again)
It's has been a while back then since i stop 'socializing'
and i kinda lost of what to do or what to say to anybody.
Even in my studies, i do 'play2' so much which resulting the worst for my GPA.

Then, i think i'm gonna let the past be a bygones and start a new wave of me.
So for those who kinda wanna know let, i bet i better introduce my self to all, right?
Firtly, i goes by the name monomic. what is monomic?, they might ask. well, it all start when i was in form 2, it was the era where the hip-hop and linkin park is at their top. so, i decide to have a name which people like eminem do. it's realy hard actualy if you don't know what you're doing. having a cool name is easy, but to have a real means of it is something else.

one day, i was thinking like if i want to be somebody comparing to eminem, what do it takes? Eminem is a singer, nope; yes he'a a rapper. what does a rapper needs? a babling mouth, a dirty minded, bling-blings, na'ah.....they needs a microphone (mic). so, there it comes the 'mic'. but then, the name is short, what the hell, people might call me 'mike'. Yup, the sound is about the same but the spell isn't. So, i continued my searching to make the name cooler. Haha.
hmmm...i thought a rapper needs a mic, and he only can use a single mic to put at his mouth. Damn, that's it. Single is 'mono'; (like many is for poly), get it? Thus when we combine both we get 'monomic'. Ya.... i was dancing with's like having result of flying colors. Hehe...

i think that's all for today.
though my post is a bit short, but no one should blame me, i'm still learning step by step to best a good blogger. next time, i'll write many things about myself, my interests, my habits, my educations, what-so-ever....

Till next time,
(D)unia (A)tas (P)agar

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