Isnin, 28 Disember 2009

Lagu Jiwa: Forever In Your Hands by All That Remains

Another awesome metalcore band.
Recently, they are becoming a big problem to metalheads
since they started to produce song which kinda too "radio-friendly".
This is shit, man.
It's like listening to Slipknot, but then your mom change the radio channel
to some Miley Cyrus craps.

Adekah anda sume dapat tgkap ape yg sku cbe sampaikn?

Seriously, memang agak mngecewakan. Album dorg sbelum "Overcome";
"The Fall Of Ideals" boleh dikatakan amat disukai, dicintai oleh aku..
Tapo apakan daya aku xmampu mngubah haluan mereka.
Maka, bak kata Fafau:
"Kite layan jerk"..

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